Welcome to the 3rd Cargo Airships for Northern Operations Workshop

July 10-12, 2013

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Alaska Department of Transportation
Co-sponsored by
University of Alaska Fairbanks
Alaska University Transportation Center
University of Alaska Anchorage
ISO Polar
Airship Association
In Collaboration with
NASA Ames Research Center
At the University of Alaska Anchorage

The 3rd airship workshop will follow up the achievements of last year’s workshop by focusing on potential approaches and actions for creating incentives that would facilitate the establishment of strong cargo airship business commitments for cargo airship services for customers in Alaska and other Northern areas. Workshop topic areas will look at specific actions that may be initiated.

Discussions will include:

  • Establishment of one or more formal airship users groups to represent an aggregation of potential airship services users.
  • Federal or State government contracting approaches that could provide cargo airship operators with formal commitments to use airship services.
  • Public/private airship investment opportunities in airship infrastructure and airship developing companies to facilitate construction of necessary airships and their operational support facilities.

Workshop Format:
On the Tuesday evening prior to the workshop an informal (self pay) dinner will provide attendees with the chance to drop by for a meal or drink and some conversation with old colleagues or make new acquaintances. The first two days of the 3rd workshop will feature selected speakers who will share their insights into specific cargo airship user needs, airship capabilities, and necessary infrastructure (physical and administrative). In addition to speaker presentations the workshop has also been designed to provide ample opportunities for informal networking, exchange of ideas, and generation of potential business opportunities for cargo airship development and deployment. At the end of the first day of the workshop a sponsored reception will provide opportunities for attendees to meet and discuss their mutual interests and check out the many exhibitor displays in the reception area.

On the afternoon of the second day a “Speed Networking” session will be provided for airship developers, cargo airship users, and potential investors/funders to meet in nearby discussion rooms. There will be two back to back Speed Networking sessions each an hour in length. These sessions will provide an opportunity for private discussions by each Speed Networking room registrant with whomever they invite. Those organizations interested in securing one of the Speed Networking rooms will need to register for the room in advance of the workshop. Further information on registering for these rooms can be found at the workshop registration link.

Three local Anchorage site visits have been organized for attendees on the third day of the workshop. These tours include a visit to an Anchorage based air cargo company, a visit (by chartered small aircraft) to a nearby mining operation, and a guided tour of the Alaska Aviation Museum located near the Anchorage airport.

Workshop Audience:

  • Commercial shipping companies, air freight companies
  • Airship companies and aerospace vendors
  • US and Canadian government organizations that employ cargo transport systems
  • Construction companies, fisheries, resource extraction companies (Oil, Gas, and Mining companies)
  • Venture capitalists, investment fund managers, private equity firms
  • Researchers from government and academia
  • Government agencies, state and federal transportation program managers, Federal Aviation Administration, Transport Canada, military organizations
  • Non-governmental organizations (NGO's), humanitarian relief agencies

If you are interested in being a workshop sponsor, exhibitor, or speaker please contact:

Karen Felts
Project Assistant
AK Department of Transportation
907-266-2787 (Office)

Ron Hochstetler
Workshop Technical Chairman
Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC)
703-725-0848 (Work Mobile)